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  Midnight,Not a sound from the pavement 午夜,大地一片死寂

  Has the moon lost her memory 是否月亮也失去了她的记忆

  She is smiling alone 她在独自微笑

  In the lamplight 路灯下

  The withered leaves collect at my feet 落叶堆积在我脚下

  And the wind 而风儿

  begins to moan 也开始哀鸣

  Every street lamp seems to beat 每一盏街灯都似乎要发出

  A fatalistic warning 一个致命的警告

  Someone mutters and the street lamp sputters 有人低语并伴随着街灯闪烁明灭

  and soon it will be morning 清晨很快就要到来

  Memory 回忆

  All alone in the moonlight 孤零零在月光里 

  I can smile at the old days 我能对着往昔微笑

  Life was beautiful then 那时的生活很美

  I remember the time I knew what happiness was 我还记得那些幸福的日子

  Let the memory live again 就让回忆再度降临


  Daylight,see the dew on the sunflower 破晓,看那向日葵上的露水

  And a rose that is fading 和正在枯萎的玫瑰

  Roses wither away 正在凋谢的玫瑰

  Like the sunflower I yearn to turn my face to the dawn 我就像向日葵一样,渴望将脸转向黎明

  I am waiting for the day 我正等待着日出


  Memory 记忆

  Turn your face to the moonlight 将你的脸转向月光

  Let your memory lead you 让你的记忆引导你

  Open up enter in 打开它并进入

  If you find there 如果你找到了

  The meaning of what happiness 幸福的真正含义

  Then the new life 那么新的生活

  Will begin 就将开始

  Memory 回忆

  All alone in the moonlight 孤零零地站在月光里 

  I can smile at the old days 我能梦到那些过去的日子

  I was beautiful then 那时的生活曾经多么美好

  I remember the time I knew what happiness was 想起那时我才明白什么叫做幸福

  Let the memory live again 就让回忆再度降临

  Burnt out ends of smoky days 烟雾弥漫的日子

  The stale cold smell of morning 清晨腐败冰冷的气息

  A street lamp dies,another night is over 一盏街灯熄灭,又一个夜晚逝去

  Another day is dawning 一个新的黎明即将到来

  Daylight 破晓

  I must wait for the sunrise 我必须等待日出

  I must think of a new life 我必须思索一种新的生活

  And I mustn’tgive in 而且我不能屈服

  When the dawn comes 当黎明到来

  Tonight will be a memory too 今夜也将成为回忆

  and a new day 那么新的一天

  will begin 也将开始

  Sun light through the trees in summer 夏日的阳光穿过树林(小猫 Jemima唱)

  Endless masquerading 永无止尽的化妆舞会(小猫Jemima唱)

  Like a flower as the dawn is breaking 像一朵在黎明破晓时的花

  The memory is fading 记忆正在枯萎

  Touch me 靠近我吧

  It is so easy to leave me 离开我是如此容易

  All alone with the memory 让我独自留在这回忆里

  Of my days in the sun 回想我那些曾经的灿烂时光

  If you touch me 但如果你靠近我 

  You will understand what happiness is 你会明白什么是幸福

  Look, a new day has begun……看,新的一天,已经到来……